Five lessons I learned from a camel

April 18, 2023 by Clelia Lima0

Riding a camel in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan was scary and exciting at the same time. I was surprised how this animal looked huge, even when she was laying down. My guide introduced “Jamila” to me as he talked me through how to step up and mount her. When I was secured in place, she stood to her full height, and I felt an exhilarating rush!

Jamila didn’t know it, but she taught me five important lessons:

  1. Stepping out of your comfort zone opens new possibilities. Camping in the desert, waking up before sunrise on a cold morning, and riding a camel are not on the list of things I do every day. It was a bit intimidating getting up on the back of this tall animal. But this adventure allowed me to create lasting memories and learn significant lessons.

  1. Appreciation for nature took a different meaning from my perspective on the top of a camel. The view of sand dunes, rock formations, and the diversity of desert wildlife was stunning. I’m amazed at how nature is able to adapt to tough conditions. It sparked my brain to find creative solutions, be flexible, and adaptable to deal with challenges of life.
  1. Minimalism can be freeing. Life advances in the desert with few resources, and camels thrive in this harsh environment. I learned that simplifying my routines, reducing clutter, and focusing on what truly matters can improve my overall well-being. I survived two weeks in this trip with only a carryon and a backpack.
  1. Connecting with other cultures and traditions gave me insight on our shared humanity. The camel owner was kind as he instructed our group on how to approach and interact with the camels. He seemed concerned with our safety as well as ensuing the camels were treated humanely and with respect. While we live different lives in many ways, we share more commonalities than differences.
  1. My gratitude stays with these people who have preserved ancient knowledge and culture. For thousands of years, they have lived in the desert and camels have played a significant role in their lives. They may not seem sophisticated compared to the society I’m used to, but they have wisdom in their simplicity and I’m thankful for the valuable insight I gained.

Maybe you don’t need a camel ride in the desert to step out of your comfort zone. Your appreciation for nature, minimalism, connection with other cultures, and a sense of gratitude can take place nearly anywhere.

You may want to increase your focus on what matters most and remove anything that is unnecessary or distracting. Perhaps you need help in developing a plan to simplify to amplify your lifestyle including your physical and mental health.

I’m here for you,

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