In these videos we answer your questions about health and sleep.

What is insomnia? How do I know if I have insomnia?

How will a sleep specialist help me?

How much will it cost to treat my insomnia?

Tips for a Better Sleep

We have been sharing a series of 10 tips on how to get a better sleep, which you can watch on our YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook page, or here on this page. All of these tips are based on current scientific evidence.

Sleep Tip 1: Stick to a sleep schedule

Sleep Tip 2: Exercise regularly

Sleep Tip 3: Avoid caffeine or alcohol

Sleep Tip 4: Choose the right foods

Sleep Tip 5: Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual

Sleep Tip 6: Keep your bedroom as dark as possible

Sleep Tip 7: Keep your bedroom temperature cool

Sleep Tip 8: Stay in bed for sleep or sex only

Sleep Tip 9: Keep a worry notepad and a gratitude journal

Sleep Tip 10: Practice mindfulness meditation

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